How do I get my two free classes?

If you are a new student, then just click on our Sign Up Now button on the right, and we will get back to you!

What classes do you have available?

We have a different timetable for each of our locations. You can see all our current timetabled classes in the Class Information section. If you are after a class that we currently do not offer, please drop us a line and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Do you have a School Show?

Yes, we have a school show once every two years. This is a major production staged in a full size theatre – the last few shows have been staged at the Wycombe Swan, the local area’s best theatre, with over 1,000 seats – which we have come close to filling!

Some schools stage shows more often than this, however, we try to ensure a balance between show work and examination work, especially now since ISTD and RAD examinations can count toward UCAS Tariff points on certain university courses.

What UCAS Tariff Points can I earn from taking ISTD and RAD examinations?

Here are the Tariff Points valid for university entrance from 2012 onwards. UCAS also have the information on their website.

Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8IntermediateAdvanced

What do your students do after they leave CSDS?

We try to stay in contact with as many of our alumni as possible. Many have gone on to university, studying a variety of courses, not necessarily related to dance! Some students have gone on to dance college. However, the vast majority of our students dance with us for the sheer enjoyment!