Upcoming Examinations at Castle Street Dance Studios.

The next set of exams is booked for;


Sunday 14th January – ISTD Ballet – The Studio, High Wycombe


10:00Isla NasvariPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
Aimee NasvariPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
Amelia HughesPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
Mia-Grace NiznickPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
10:30Sophia Haynes-ShariffStandard 3 BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
Betsy BarcockStandard 3 BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
Marcus BarrattStandard 3 BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
Lydia BrearleyStandard 3 BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
Mieke De GrootStandard 3 BalletThe StudioMiss Yvonne
11:25Lucy OliverStandard 5 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Amy Yazdi-DavisStandard 5 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Sophie Yazdi-Davis Standard 5 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Hazel KingStandard 5 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
12:10Andrea JazavitaitePre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Mia CrightonPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Darya Mazi-EsfahaniPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Phoebe SawkinsPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
1:40Madeline HarkerStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Rhea KankateStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Ellisha BusbyStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Chloe WalkerStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
2:25Maisie AtkinsPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Paula
Summer DudmanPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Paula
Isobella ClarkePre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Paula
Jalah Clarke-HerbertPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Paula
Minnie BaileyPre-Primary BalletThe StudioMiss Paula
3.10Lucy DeanusStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Elfin BullStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Rebecca LampingStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica
Ellisha BucklandStandard 6 BalletThe StudioMiss Jessica


Tuesday 13th March 2018 – ISTD Tap & Modern – The Guildhall, High Wycombe

Friday 16th March 2018 – RAD Ballet – The Guildhall, High Wycombe


All students taking an exam during these sessions have been contacted separately, letters have been emailed and handed out in classes.

Exam Results – Spring Term 2017

ISTD Ballet Exams – Miss Benyon

Pre-Primary Ballet – Miss Jessica
Isabella De La Rocha – Merit

Primary Ballet – Miss Jessica
Masey Simmonds – Distinction
Casey Johnson – Merit
Aine Devereux – Distinction
Isabella Collins – Merit

Standard 1 Ballet – Miss Yvonne
Eleanor Lecky – Distinction
Emma Zadoroznyj – Distinction
Grace Bolton – Distinction
Annabel Reed – Distinction
Alyssa Winfield – Distinction
Lucia Lozano-Willener – Distinction
Roen Saunders – Distinction

Standard 2 Ballet – Miss Yvonne
Marcus Barratt – Distinction (91%)
Alyssa Jordan – Distinction (91%)
Evie Collins – Distinction
Anopa Fundira – Distinction
Esme Powell – Distinction

Standard 4 Ballet – Miss Jessica
Emily Green – Merit
Hazel King – Merit
Beatrix Needham – Merit

RAD Ballet Exam Results – Miss Rushworth

Pre-Primary Ballet – Miss Laura & Miss Jessica
Skye Hopkins – Class Award
Scarlett Gilbert – Class Award
Sophie Cooper – Class Award
Isla Hicks – Class Award
Jessica Macdonald – Class Award
Iris Soloman – Class Award
Poppy Dean – Class Award
Lily Ward – Class Award
Amelie Calam – Class Award
Chloe Jephson – Class Award

Primary Ballet – Miss Jessica
Daisy Taylor – Distinction
Daisy Warfield – Merit
Daisy Schofield – Distinction
Olivia Schofield – Distinction
Gabriella Ramdeen – Merit
Takura Mango – Merit
Saoirse Ball – Merit
Lottie Wilderspin – Merit
Anita Wylie – Distinction
Angelica Harker – Merit

Grade 1 Ballet – Miss Jessica
Mia Gosnold – Merit
Emmeline Davis – Merit
Isabella Blair – Merit
Claudia Wijsman – Merit

Grade 2 Ballet – Miss Laura
Lydia Lateu-Robinson – Merit
Maja Fidali – Merit

Grade 5 Ballet – Miss Laura
Lucy Deanus – Distinction
Elfin Bull – Distinction
Rebecca Lamping – Distinction
Madeline Harker – Merit

ISTD Tap & Modern Exams – Miss Collins

Primary Tap – Miss Laura
Gabriella Ramdeen – Merit
Takura Mango – Merit
Lottie Wilderspin – Merit

Primary Modern – Miss Laura & Miss Jessica
Gabriella Ramdeen – Distinction
Takura Mango – Merit
Lottie Wilderspin – Merit
Daisy Taylor – Distinction
Angelica Harker – Merit
Anita Wylie – Merit

Grade 1 Tap – Miss Laura
Lydia Lateu-Robinson – Merit
Emmeline Davis – Merit

Grade 1 Modern – Miss Jessica
Eleanor Lecky – Merit
Emma Zadoroznyj – Merit
Grace Bolton – Merit
Annabel Reed – Merit
Alyssa Winfield – Merit
Roen Saunders – Merit

Grade 2 Modern – Miss Yvonne
Marcus Barratt – Merit
Alyssa Winfield – Merit
Evie Collins – Merit
Anopa Fundira – Merit

Grade 5 Tap – Miss Jessica
Chloe Walker – Merit
Natasha Churchill – Merit


Examination Tips

  • Ensure the correct uniform is worn
  • Please arrive 40 minutes before the start time of your exam with the correct uniform and hair up neatly as indicated below. No jewellery should be worn. We are happy to help with hair but ask that you arrive 45 minutes early if you require this. Ballet and Character shoes must be clean with both elastics firmly sewn on and character skirts should be ironed and brought on a hanger.
  • For RAD Pre-Primary and Primary, girls’ hair should be in criss-cross plaits with bands the same colour as the hair. No fringes please – gel works well to get hair off the face
  • For RAD Grade 1-2, girls’ hair should be in a ballet bun with all hair off the face (including fringes). A net and pins should be used, which should be the same colour as the hair