High Wycombe


Mon16:00BalletPre-SchoolCastle Street StudioMiss Inma
Mon16:30BalletPre-PrimaryCastle Street StudioMiss Inma
Mon17.00BalletPrimary Castle Street StudioMiss Inma
Mon17.30BalletGrade 6Castle Street StudioMiss Inma
Mon18.30BalletIntermediate Castle Street StudioMiss Inma
Tue16:15ModernGrade 5 Castle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Tue17:00BalletStandard 5Castle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Tue17.45TapGrade 5Castle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Tue18.30BalletPointe PreparationCastle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Tue19.00BalletBeginner PointeCastle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Tue19.30BalletStandard 6 BalletCastle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Tue20.15TAPfitAdultCastle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Wed19.00BalletAdultCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Wed20.00Zumba®AdultCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Thur16:15BalletStandard 4 Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur17:00BalletPointe PrepOakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur17:30ModernGrade 5 Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur18:15BalletStandard 6 BalletOakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur19:00RehearsalsSenior Performance TeamOakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur16:30BalletPre-PrimaryCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Thur17:00TapPrimaryCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Thur17:30BalletStandard 5Castle Street StudioMiss Paula
Thur18:30AdultBeginner BalletCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Fri17:30ModernBoys OnlyCastle Street StudioJohnny
Fri18:15StreetJuniorCastle Street StudioJohnny
Fri19:00StreetSeniorCastle Street StudioJohnny
Fri19:45StreetAdultCastle Street StudioJohnny
Sat8.55BalletStandard 1Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat09:30TapPrimaryCastle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat10:00ModernGrade 2Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat10:30BalletStandard 2Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat11:15TapGrade 2Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat12:00ModernGrade 3Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat12:45BalletStandard 3Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat13:30TapGrade 3Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat14:15BalletGrade 3Castle Street StudioMiss Yvonne
Sat15.00TapGrade 4Castle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Sat15.45ModernGrade 4Castle Street StudioMiss Jessica
Sat09:00BalletPre-PrimaryOakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat09:30TapGrade 1Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat10:00ModernGrade 1Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat10:30BalletPrimaryOakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat11:00BalletPre-SchoolOakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat11:30BalletPre-SchoolOakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat12:00TapIntermediateOakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat13:00ModernGrade 6 Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Sat14:00BalletPointe WorkOakley HallMiss Jessica

Location for High Wycombe classes



The studio is situated near the train station end of Castle Street, opposite the Castle Cafe. The entrance is the grey door – go up the stairs to the top floor and we are on the right.

studio 1studio 2

52a Castle Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6RG

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Oakley Hall

Oakley HallOakley Hall 2

8 Castle Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6RF

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