High Wycombe


Mon19:00BalletAdult IntermediateThe GuildhallMiss Paula
Mon19.30ZumbaAdultThe GuildhallMiss Paula
Tue16:15BalletStandard 4The GuildhallMiss Emma
Tue17:00BalletPointe Prep The GuildhallMiss Emma
Tue17.30TapGrade 4The GuildhallMiss Emma
Tue18.15ModernGrade 4The GuildhallMiss Emma
Tue19.00BalletBeginner PointeThe GuildhallMiss Emma
Tue19:30TAPfitAdultThe GuildhallMiss Emma
Thur16:00ModernGrade 4 (Exam Class)Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur16:45TapGrade 6 Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur17:30ModernGrade 6 Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur18:15BalletPointe WorkOakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur18:45BalletStandard 7Oakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur19:30RehearsalsSenior Performance TeamOakley HallMiss Jessica
Thur16:30BalletPre-PrimaryCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Thur17:00TapPrimaryCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Thur17:30BalletStandard 4 (Exam Class)Castle Street StudioMiss Paula
Thur18:30AdultBeginner BalletCastle Street StudioMiss Paula
Fri17:30ModernBoys OnlyCastle Street StudioJohnny
Fri18:15StreetJuniorCastle Street StudioJohnny
Fri19:00StreetSeniorCastle Street StudioJohnny
Fri19:45StreetAdultCastle Street StudioJohnny
Sat9:00BalletStandard 1Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat09:30TapGrade 1 Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat10:00ModernGrade 2Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat10:30BalletStandard 2Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat11:15TapGrade 2Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat12:00ModernGrade 3Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat12:45BalletStandard 3Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat13:30TapGrade 3Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat14:15ModernGrade 5 Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat14:45BalletStandard 6Oakley HallMiss Yvonne
Sat09:00BalletPre-PrimaryThe GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat09:30TapPrimaryThe GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat10:00BalletPrimaryThe GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat10:30RehearsalPrivate CoachingThe GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat11:00BalletPre-SchoolThe GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat11:30TapGrade 4 (Exam class)The GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat12:15TapGrade 5The GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat13:00BalletPointe PrepThe GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat13:30BalletIntermediate- FoundationThe GuildhallMiss Jessica
Sat14:15TapAdvanced 1 The GuilhallMiss Jessica
Sat15:00ModernIntermediateThe GuildhallMiss Jessica

Location for High Wycombe classes



The studio is situated near the train station end of Castle Street, opposite the Castle Cafe. The entrance is the grey door – go up the stairs to the top floor and we are on the right.

studio 1studio 2

52a Castle Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6RG

Oakley Hall

Oakley HallOakley Hall 2

8 Castle Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6RF

The Guildhall


High Street
High Wycombe
HP11 2AG