Term Dates

The term dates for the next few terms are listed below.

All dates are inclusive – you may note that some terms start or end mid-week – this is normal, and has been done to fit in the required amount of teaching time with regard to local school holidays and public holidays.

Invoices are emailed prior to the start of each term and a term can vary between 11-15 weeks, following the school term times.
Autumn Term 2020 – 13 weeks (2 weeks off for Christmas)
Spring Term 2020 – 12 weeks (2 weeks off for Easter)
Summer Term 2020 – 12 weeks

Term Start Date End Date Half Term Start Half Term End
Autumn Term 2020 Mon 14th Sept  Sun 19th Dec Sun 25th Oct Sun 1st Nov
Spring Term 2021 Mon 4th Jan Sun 4th April Sun 13th Feb Sun 21st Feb
Summer Term 2021 Mon 22nd Apr Mon 19th July (Inc of Bank Holiday) Mon 30th May Sun 8th Jun