8 Castle Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6RF

One of our larger studios, Oakley Hall is situated on Castle Street just down from our Studio.

The entrance to the hall is behind the Gym Group. Head towards their private car park and under the columns and the door is on the left.


Thursday4:15 PMGrade 6 ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Thursday5:00 PMIntermediate ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Thursday6:00 PMStandard 7 BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Thursday7:00 PMPointe WorkMiss Jessica Clayton
Thursday7:30 PMPerformance TeamMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday9:00 AMStandard 1 BalletMiss Yvonne Atherton
Saturday9:30 AMGrade 1 TapMiss Yvonne Atherton
Saturday10:00 AMGrade 2 ModernMiss Yvonne Atherton
Saturday10:30 AMStandard 2 BalletMiss Yvonne Atherton
Saturday11:15 AMGrade 2 TapMiss Yvonne Atherton
Saturday12:00 PMGrade 3 ModernMiss Yvonne Atherton
Saturday12:45 PMStandard 3 BalletMiss Yvonne Atherton
Saturday1:30 PMGrade 3 TapMiss Yvonne Atherton