High Street
High Wycombe
HP11 2AG

The Guildhall is situated in High Wycombe town centre between the Falcon and TK Maxx. The closest car park is the Wycombe Swan Theatre. The Guildhall is equipped with wooden floors, ballet barres, a waiting area and kitchen facilities, it also has a lift and disabled access.


Monday4:00 PMPre School BalletMiss Lara Morton
Monday4:30 PMPre Primary BalletMiss Lara Morton
Monday5:00 PMPrimary BalletMiss Lara Morton
Monday5:30 PMContemporaryMiss Lara Morton
Monday7:00 PMAdult Intermediate BalletMiss Paula Buckland
Monday8:00 PMZumbaMiss Paula Buckland
Tuesday4.15 PMGrade 4 ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Tuesday5.00 PMStandard 4 BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Tuesday5.45 PMPointe PrepMiss Jessica Clayton
Tuesday6.15 PMStandard 5 BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Tuesday7.00 PMGrade 4 TapMiss Jessica Clayton
Tuesday7.45 PMTapfitMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday9:00 AMPre-Primary BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday9:30 AMPrimary TapMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday10:00 AMPrimary BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday10:30 AMGrade 1 ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday11:00 AMPre-School BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday11:30 AMGrade 5 TapMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday12.15PMGrade 5 ModernMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday1:00PMGrade 6 TapMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday1:45 PMPointe PrepMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday2:15PMIntermediate BalletMiss Jessica Clayton
Saturday3:15PMAdvanced 1 TapMiss Jessica Clayton